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This policy guides the use of Salinas Regional Soccer Complex (SRSC) to prevent injuries and damage caused by inclement weather or unsafe conditions. An effective field maintenance program is crucial for keeping safe, high-quality fields. Users are requested to support us by accepting and adhering to these rules. It is expected that groups using the SRSC contribute to protecting their participants and fields during periods of inclement weather.
The Salinas Regional Soccer Complex retains the authority to cancel or suspend permits for outdoor facility or field use, including games, practices, and other activities. The decision to open or close the SRSC is not necessarily based on the weather at any given moment, but rather on the condition of the fields themselves. The reasons for closing a field are player safety and preservation of the playing surface. It only takes a few minutes to do serious damage to a field that is wet and slippery and it can take weeks or months for a field to recover from such damage as we have experienced in the past.
The Manager or Operations Coordinator has the authority to close any or all fields at The SRSC. In case of inclement weather, they will evaluate the suitability of to decide on their usability. 
The SRSC would like to make visitors aware of our lightning policy and procedure. If a lightning strike is detected within a 5-mile radius, complex staff will pause games and all visitors must exit the gates and seek safe shelter. Lightning delays are 30 minutes. Every strike within a 5-mile radius will restart the 30-minute countdown to resume play. Once a 30-minute span passes with zero lighting strikes, Complex staff, league directors, and event coordinators will notify everyone that play can resume.
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