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Salinas Regional Soccer Complex (SRSC) rules & regulations represent our sincere attempt to define the roles and behavior necessary for a fantastic and enjoyable youth sporting experience. Administrators, players, parents and coaches must work together to ensure that our children have a chance to learn, grow and mature while participating in our healthy sporting activities. We expect that each administrator, player, parent and coach will abide by these rules. 
General Rules
  • All persons, bags, parcels, clothing and other items may be subject to screening/security checks at the entrances and also within the complex.​
  • No alcohol 
  • No foul language 
  • No smoking or tobacco products 
  • No tents inside the field unless preapproval from complex Manager or Operations Coordinator 
  • No athletic field use without prior approval from the Manager or Operations Coordinator of the Salinas Regional Soccer Complex.
  • Avoid consumption of sunflower seeds 
  • No firearms and/or concealed weapons 
  • Flyers or any type of advertisements or announcements of any kind are NOT allowed to be distributed at the SRSC 
  • Rollerblades, scooters, skateboards or other wheeled or similar devices motorized, or mechanical are NOT permitted
Salinas Regional Soccer Complex Entry & Closure

Under no circumstance is anyone allowed on SRSC grounds when gates are locked/closed. Entrance is only permitted through the unlocked gates. If you enter SRSC without permission under, over, or through fences, it is considered trespassing and falls under No Trespassing Laws and Regulations. In doing so your team may lose its privileges to practice at SRSC

  • Coaches and their Teams are responsible for picking up after themselves after each practice, games and/or tournaments. This includes ANYTHING that is left by your Team. 

  • Coaches coming into the complex must ensure that your field area is left clean by the previous team, so they do not have to pay the clean-up fee. This is why you as coaches will need to police your areas while at SRSC. 

  • If Teams fail to keep their area clean and choose to instead leave garbage and a mess for others to clean, they will be charged a CLEANUP FEE OF $26.00 PER INCIDENT. 

Warm Up Drills
  • NO team warm-ups are allowed inside the 18-yard penalty area of the goals. 

  • ABSOLUTELY NO warmup drills shall be done inside lined field area (i.e. Ladder and 5-yard short sprint runs that may or will leave visible wear patterns on grass. 

  • Please do warm up drills to the outside of playing fields at sides, front or rear. 

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